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Who We Are

Our Philosophy

Valley Youth House is more than a nonprofit organization.

We’re a catalyst for youth to achieve their desired futures through genuine relationships that support families, ensure safe places, and build community connections. We partner with each young person we meet to help them create the best possible outcome for their unique situation.

We are at the center of a growing support network that produces real results.

To achieve our goals effectively, we partner with thousands of dedicated individuals and organizations every day to provide a wide range of responsive programs that are built to address the varied and complex needs of vulnerable youth and their families. This individualized model, coupled with unwavering dedication, is the key to opening new doors for every young person who comes through ours.

We can’t do it alone—and thankfully, we never have to.

Join us as we partner with countless volunteers, schools, businesses, organizations and individual donors to envision a world in which every young person belongs to a nurturing community.

Join the movement to support the future of our community.

Our Legacy

From serving individuals to impacting generations.

Our vast network of support services began in 1973 as a humble, single-home shelter which offered round-the-clock housing and counseling services to abused, vulnerable, and homeless youth.

Over half a century later, that same passion and dedication drive our commitment to serving young people, and we remain focused on opening new doors for the generations to come.

Our Valued Partners

The generosity of our local partners helps us make this important work possible.