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Valley Youth House is disappointed in the Supreme Court’s decision in the matter of Grants Pass vs Johnson. Valley Youth House supports the rights of individuals experiencing homelessness to have access to needed services and affordable housing. We call on local, state and federal lawmakers to address the underlying problem of a lack of affordable housing, shelters, and services for people in need. A concerted, committed effort to provide funding is the only true solution to the homeless challenges in Grants Pass and nationwide. In the matter of Grants Pass vs. Johnson, we believe that homelessness is not a criminal act and should not be punished. Individuals who are homeless do not have the resources to pay fines due to lack of housing. Giving citations to these individuals does not move us to a solution to homelessness. The situation in Grants Pass is representative of the challenges faced by individuals experiencing homelessness across the country. An extreme lack of affordable housing and services gives the homeless nowhere to go. Municipalities, such as Grants Pass need to invest in infrastructure to meet the needs of the entire community. Our team members work everyday with individuals who are in search of shelter or housing alternatives which are not available, and which otherwise have left them on the streets. Valley Youth House, and other providers, stand ready to provide the needed services but it must be a priority in our communities and legislatures to provide the necessary funding and resources.