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Empowering Futures: Career Night at Valley Youth House

Valley Youth House’s Adolescents Achieving Independence program (AAI) hosted career nights for older youth in both Bethlehem and York. The events aimed to broaden the horizons of the participants by exposing them to a variety of career options within their community. With speakers from local schools, fire stations, Fulton Bank, Blue Ridge Cable, Tyber, HNL, and St. Luke’s University Health Network, the night unfolded as a journey into the professional world.


Career night provided diverse perspectives shared by professionals from various fields. Representatives from Blue Ridge Cable shed light on opportunities in the telecommunications industry, while Tyber, HNL and St. Luke’s offered insights into potential careers in the world of healthcare, and teachers from York County spoke to their experiences in public education.

Youth were encouraged to actively engage with speakers by asking questions and seeking advice. This format provides a unique opportunity for these young people to explore potential career paths and consider fields they may not have previously envisioned for themselves. 

The AAI program, at its core, focuses on imparting essential life skills to youth who have experienced foster care after the age of 14. The staff members are dedicated to supporting these young people in achieving their goals, whether it be mastering public transportation, navigating the complexities of financial aid applications, or learning the basics of self-sufficiency,  like doing laundry. Career night is just one of the many initiatives undertaken by AAI to empower these youth and pave the way for a successful future. 

Both career night events served as platforms for youth to connect with professionals, explore diverse career paths, and envision a future filled with possibilities. As these resilient young individuals embark on their journeys, Valley Youth House continues to stand as a beacon of support, guiding them towards a future where their dreams can become reality.