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Breaking the Chains of Trafficking: How our THRIVE Program at the Sasso House Empowers Survivors

The THRIVE program at the Sasso House (which stands for Transitional Housing. Resilience. Independence. Victorious. Empowerment.) offers housing, meals, clothes and personal items for female-identifying trafficking survivors aged 14-21. Our experienced counselors also connect residents with peer mentors, drug and alcohol treatment, psychiatric care, employment training, and medical care. It is the mission of THRIVE to provide the necessary resources for these young women to successfully reclaim their lives and support them in establishing/achieving goals for their future.

Healing from exploitation is often difficult and emotionally taxing, which is why THRIVE counselors and program staff partner with residents to take these challenges on in a leveled approach. The five levels of the THRIVE program are represented by five different flowers: Daisy, Iris, Orchid, Violet, Lotus, and focus on different elements of healing:

  • Daisy: New Beginnings, Hope, Trust
  • Iris: Wisdom, Hope, Trust
  • Orchid: Love, Beauty, Strength
  • Violet: Truth and Loyalty, Sense of Modesty, Spiritual Wisdom
  • Lotus: Purity, Enlightenment, Self-Regeneration, Rebirth

The THRIVE Program at the Sasso House has been open for one year with our first resident entering in April of 2022. The house itself was generously purchased by Patricia Walsh, a longtime supporter of Valley Youth House. Patricia’s act of love and kindness has ensured that youth residing here feel safe, loved, and have a sense of belonging.

Over the past year, program staff and counselors have built relationships with the youth and organized group activities like beach trips and outings to the movies, Dorney Park, zoos and museums. We were even able to take one youth to see her very first concert!

It is our hope that THRIVE will continue to provide vulnerable and exploited young women with the chance to heal in a safe and supportive environment. We will always work to equip these young women with the tools and resources necessary to regain independence, and live the lives they deserve.